Eating in Pubs have a long tradition in London when visitors to London used to stay in Taverns and Inns. Most of this fare was basic and unimaginative .

In recent years food has become more important for the survival of the pub therefore we have seen the rise of the Gastropub where people often come for the food not the drink.

Many pubs now produce quality ,relatively inexpensive meals in comfortable surroundings. Most of the meals are a mix of standard British dishes with a modern twist.

One of the joys of the Gastropub is that you can go in for a drink and look at the quality of food before you order.

If you find the right place with good food, good drink and a great atmosphere this can one of the best London dining experiences.

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Book Review : Eat Like A Londoner by Tania Ballantine ( Francis Lincoln Ltd )

Eat Like A Londoner is a well written, informative and attractive book that offers more than 100 eating establishments for the reader to discover. The author offers something for everyone with advice on where to go for a fast meal or that special occasion. London restaurants have changed beyond recognition in the last 25 years, this book is an invaluable guide to enjoy some of the capital’s culinary delights.



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