With an estimated 100,,000 hotel rooms in London, there is no shortage of places to stay.

However because of the wide choice available it is necessary to understand a few factors that will help you make an informed choice on what is likely to be your most expensive financial outlay.

Hotels in their different forms are without doubt the most popular form of accommodation,but there are alternatives especially Bed and Breakfasts and Hostels.

With all these types of accommodation, the same criteria is important , namely location,standard and price.

To avoid some of the pitfalls in these areas,read the next section for handy tips and suggestions.

Location, Location, Location,

It is usually the case that visitors coming to London for a sightseeing holiday will generally look for accommodation in Central London.   

VLG Tip : Always check exactly where the Hotel or Accommodation is located, if outside London take into consideration travel costs and access to Transport system.

Ratings or Standards

One of the problems with Hotels especially, is the rating system.

The almost universal star system applied to Hotels and other grading systems like the AA is not regulated therefore many Hotels and Accommodation will applying their own grade.

VLG Tip : Use Rating system and Customer Service reviews to get an idea of grade of Hotel or Accommodation.


London accommodation is generally expensive, but by looking around the various hotel booking sites you can find value for money.

Most Hotels do not have full occupation therefore offer deals , these can include cheaper rates booked  in advance, weekend rates and last minute bargains.

VLG Tip : When looking at the price for a room, check the normal rate and the offer and see if it offers value for money.Also check if it includes extras such as Breakfast, Dinners etc.

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