Visiting London Guide.com was created by a small number of London obsessives who enjoy sharing the different apsects of the capital. Whilst our main focus is on visitors to London, we provide plenty of information for Londoners to discover unknown parts of the city.

When we were creating the website, we made the decision to put ourselves in the mind of the average visitor who may have limited time and resources. Therefore we do not cover everything (nobody can) but rather highlight some of the major highlights of the city and those odd and eccentric parts of the London city life that makes the capital so appealing. We also wanted to build up an archive of interesting articles on the blog which will be readily available to readers at any time (we currently have around 2,000 articles).

Unlike many other sites, we keep adverts down to the minimum and would rather provide more in depth information of particular attractions and businesses.

We originally made our name with our reviews of the many cultural events which provides plenty of information so the reader can make an informed decision. We are also quick, our reviews are usually published before the exhibition or show is officially open.

We are now adapting our comprehensive approach to other areas to give our readers more information before they spend their time and money.

If you would like more information about us.

Contact us on info@visitinglondonguide.com

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We like to tell your story in a variety of formats and create individual packages for individual clients.

Every business is different and we love to show how you stand out from the crowd.

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To provide a better service to our readers we do operate with a number of affiliates, we do receive some revenue from this source but will only use this if relevant to the particular sections and we believe is useful for the reader. 


We review a wide range of events, shows, books and much more. We will only give a Visiting London Guide recommendation to something a member of our staff has personally attended and rated. We do accept free invitations to a number of events but only on the understanding that we are totally independent.

The same applies to books and products that we are asked to review.

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