One of the iconic sights of London is the red London Buses that have been travelling around the streets of London for the last 180 years.

Bus routes cover all over London and are a great option when visiting areas where other transport is limited. There are over 7500 London buses which transport up to six million passengers each day.

There are a number of factors, visitors should be aware:

London Buses will only stop at specified Bus Stops, to find the one you are looking for, look at the bus stop check the number displayed to ascertain that it does stop there.

All buses have a number displayed on the back and front which  is the number of the route they are travelling on.

When you see your bus arriving put out your arm to indicate to the driver  that you wish to board the bus.

When you are on the bus and have reached your destination ring the bell to tell the driver you want to get off,

London Buses do operate 24 hours a day but the nightbuses  ( Bus numbers are usually prefixed with letter N,) tend to operate between 11pm and 6 am.

From July 2014, All of London's 24,500 buses have become cash-free Passengers will need a prepaid or concessionary ticket,


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