There are many Hostels in London and are mainly used and specifically for the 18 - 35  age group, but most are open to all ages.

Many Hostels cater for  "Backpackers" young people travelling on a limited budget, therefore prices are considerably less than hotels.

However Hostels are more basic than many Hotels and often have sleeping in dormitory style rooms, often bunk bed and shared bathroom facilities.Single rooms are sometimes available but cost considerably more.

By necessity they are very commmunity oriented and tend to have communal eating area and a storage area.

For over a decade, has been used by travellers who are seeking comprehensive hostel information, all in one place.

Unlike online booking websites that only list the hostels that signed up to use that particular website's booking system. is the only website that freely lists information on all hostels worldwide.  The site shows a price comparison of all the major booking websites for each hostel (including Hostelworld, HostelBookers,, and others), so you can see where to get the lowest price.

Hostelz also list the many other hostels that don't use the booking websites, and provide direct contact info for all hostels for free.

If  you are looking for a hostel in London we are listing some of Hostelz top selections.


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